Why You Should Get A Second Opinion?

Knowing that you are diagnosed with cancer is a life-changing event and getting overwhelmed and what to do next is normal. By getting a second opinion, you can gain a better understanding about your diagnosis and various treatment options. Additionally, it may provide you with a alternate management plan or reaffirm that the plan provided with your current physician is appropriate.

When to Seek A Second Opinion

Here are a few reasons when to seek a second opinion during the course of your cancer care.

  • You are not feeling confident in your current doctor’s ability to treat your cancer
  • You have a rare or unusual cancer type
  • The current treatment is responsive to your cancer

Why Get a Second Opinion

We believe in giving our patients the best treatment available and therefore getting a second opinion can provide you with a better insight on possibly new treatment options so you can be confident to proceed with your care. Our goal is to get you on the right treatment path. By going through this process you:

Confirm Your Diagnosis

  • Knowing that you have cancer is a stressful event and it is very common for patients to get a second opinion. Most physicians welcome this process and are generally comfortable with the request.
  • Going through the second opinion process with help confirm your diagnosis will and will assist in confirming an appropriate treatment plan

Discover More Treatment Options

  • Each medical facility varies with the type of treatment method that they prescribe to. Going through the process will help you gain knowledge in a treatment option that is effective and best for you.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion.

If you would like to get a second opinion, please contact our office at: (219) 924-8178