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Registered Nurses

Our team of nurses come with a lot of experience specializing in critical care with an extensive background in hematology and oncology. Our nurses have undergone specific training, making them highly-qualified to administer chemotherapy, manage side effects and react promptly to unforeseen medical events. Our team is composed of oncology-certified nurses who are there for you every step of your treatment journey.

Medical Assistants

Our team of medical assistants understand the importance of prompt, quality care. They will get your vitals and see you through your exam with the physician. They will also assist you with your prescription refills and any paperwork requests you may have.

Patient Care Representatives

Our patient care representatives will greet you at the door with a smile, get you checked in and on your way to your appointment efficiently. Upon check-out, they will provide you with an up-to-date calendar of your future appointments and ensure all of your needs are addressed before leaving for the day.

Laboratory Technicians

Our laboratory is one of a kind: giving patients the ability to get their bloodwork back just minutes after it was drawn. This fast turn-around time enables our physicians to approve treatment the same day; allowing our patients to have all of their services fulfilled in one day. Our phlebotomists and medical technicians have over fifty years of combined experience in drawing patients, so they are certain to make you feel comfortable and at ease.

Pharmacy Staff

Our pharmacy technicians are highly trained on the admixture of chemotherapy, ensuring your drugs are properly prepared before administration. They also specialize in oral chemotherapy and will assist you in getting your refills in a timely manner, without ever having to leave the office.

Billing department

Northwest Cancer Center’s billing department is here to assist you with all of your financial needs. Our specialists will set you up with assistance programs and payment programs to ensure you are able to receive the best care without having to worry about financial concerns.